Meet our Mascots


One of my two lovely rescue cats, Ronnie is a little firecracker with a sassy attitude! We adopted him as an older boy with very little information about his past, but we believe him to be about 11 years old. He loves nothing more than being the centre of attention, and he’s not afraid to tell you off if he feels he’s been ignored for more than a minute or two. He loves to play and climb the curtains, despite being a slightly older gentleman, and will lie for hours purring and having his belly rubbed – it’s hard to say no to that face!


Truly a mummy’s boy, our other gorgeous rescue cat Reggie spends most of his day at my feet, on my lap, or sitting on whatever I am trying to use at that moment in time. Rescued from a local charity alongside his brother, Reggie is also about 11 years old. He is a chatty boy who always has something to say, and is like a bottomless pit when it comes to food – he is regularly caught trying to steal spaghetti, cheese and any leftovers he can get his paws on! 


Named after the dragon queen from Game of Thrones, Daenerys the Syrian hamster was my tiny furry companion through my early 20s. She had bundles of personality and loved exploring our flat, and stealing things to take back and bury in her nest – a personal favourite being ribbons and any sort of soft clothing tags she could get her little paws on. She loved strawberries and had a small obsession with beer – not that we ever let her have any, but it certainly didn’t stop her from trying!

Archie & Annie

Although not my own dogs, our mascots page would not be complete without a special mention for Archie and Annie the cocker spaniels. They belong to one of my closest friends, and I have been lucky enough to work with these lovely pooches and their mum for the last few years – I have to say, they have all made fantastic colleagues! Nothing brightens up a day in the office like a quick snuggle with these two, or a lunchtime walk down to the river. Archie is 6 years old and is the cuddliest boy you could ever meet – his sidekick Annie has just turned 2, and is a little ball of energy always ready to play!


My beautiful horse I had growing up, Choc is a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse with the sweetest personality. He was quite green when he first came to live with us, but his can-do attitude saw him acing his dressage tests and going double-clear around show-jumping and cross-country in no time. He could definitely be a handful at times (such is the nature of Thoroughbreds!), but I wouldn’t have had him any other way. After about 5 years when he was at the age of 16, he went onto another home where he could enjoy a quiet retirement of hacking out around the Yorkshire countryside.